Leader development and retention is a critical competence for most organisations – and one of the most difficult to maintain. Although traditionally, managers may have considered that personal development was aimed at helping them become a leader, in a 21st century environment, intensive, continuous learning is a now a key characteristic of high performing leaders and leadership teams.

MC’s approach to leadership development recognises that generic leader competencies are only valid and useful when linked to the specific demands of a leadership role; and that these demands are constantly changing.

We use the basic transitions of the Leadership Pipeline to match developmental needs with a job role. Additionally, we use models of adult/leadership maturity and a variety of psychometric instruments, including Mindfulness.

We do not offer a generic competency model of leadership. There is little evidence that these work and rather more evidence that they tend to misdirect developmental objectives and activities.

We take a systemic view of development. Much of the formal learning leaders and managers undertake is wasted, because the system, which they and their team constitute, resists change. To ensure learning is embedded, we tend to work with both the leader and their team.

We draw on the concept of “innovation in leadership” – the observation that long-term successful organisations are innovative in their products and services, the way they do business, the way they learn, and in how they constantly renew their culture. Core to the successful management of continuous cultural innovation is the concept of balance.

Throughout our leadership and management workshops we use models from respected Leadership Gurus like Tom Peters, Kurt Lewin, John Adair.

  • Example programmes we have developed:
  • Post Recessionary Leadership Techniques
  • Leading for Performance Excellence
  • Leading effective teams
  • The Great Way to Leadership
  • Inspiring Leaders Programme
  • Action Centred and Situational Leadership

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching solutions provide coaching on a one-on-one basis, providing an invaluable source of support and development for all levels of an organisation: board members, senior managers, middle managers and those looking to develop their careers wherever they sit within their company. Our executive cadre of coaches are outstanding: they all have eclectic backgrounds and most importantly they all have multi-faceted lives with lots of real world experience. They look at situations from a business point of view, but equally, from a humanistic/holistic point of view.

Our vision is to be the change that we want to see in the world. We wish to advocate enquiry and understanding of human potential, and encourage those who wish to lead a powerful and sustainable lifestyle.

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