Our vision is to be the change that we want to see in the world. We wish to advocate enquiry and understanding of modern science, and encourage those who wish to lead a powerful business and sustainable lifestyle. Our intention is to stimulate a sense of personal responsibility, focusing on the reality of the present moment. We offer a space for the conscious development of the human potential, where one can find effective solutions to problems and challenges. We wish to stimulate self-reflection in the minds of those who wish to reveal their full potential and inner freedom, and use it for the benefit their business and their life as a whole. The aim of our work is to activate the entire organization, to bring forth its power and talents, and to offer the best results for their future.  

MC Strategies

We support you to solve problems comprehensively, holistically and to unfold your company’s full potential with long term effect. We have developed a unique and simple model, which allows you to skillfully navigate through complex processes and to master your challenges. Mind Consulting (MC) provides a learning and development service that underpins your business.We have defined and implemented methods, processes and powerful means that revolutionize organizations – resulting in significant value to the successful corporations.Our experience spans the following industries: Pharmaceutical, Government, Healthcare/Social care, Developers, Energy, Food and Beverage, Manufacturing, Metals, Financial, Industrial.Everyday employees, customers and business partners of these businesses and more are educated as a result of MC’s forward-thinking business strategies, outsourcing services and learning solutions.You can count on MC for a proven, structured and creative approach that is tightly focused on bringing you the highest-value learning and development services possible.

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